Re: [NEWBIE] Making npc's gos when they kill other npc's

From: Zizazat Lazuras (
Date: 04/06/02

>I thought hey this is a really neat way to make the non-player >characters
>a little more life like besides dg scripts and special >procedures.

I have been working for awhile on giving mobs more 'default' behavior which
is like that of players. Mobs kill each other, mobs loot equipment from
corpses, mobs use better equipment they pickup. Mobs scavenge without a
flag. Etc...but never messed with anything in the taunting area :)

>  A. I don't want to give xp to mobs, they end up level 35 and crash >the

This is strange. Just remove the level gain checks for mobs. They could
(can) still gain xp, but just don't let them level. (I, on the other hand,
want to make my mobs level. I just haven't gotten around to it yet).
Alternately you can modify the level gain procedure to stop them from
leveling past, say, level 30.

>  B. Having them gossip everytime they kill eachother creates spam and >is
>truly annoying.mobs

Extra flags for some of these behaviors, IMO, is needless overhead. You have
to train new builders, people forgot to put them on etc... I would just make
a % chance they would taunt after killing some thing. (NPC to NPC, 100% of
taunt on killing PCs)

>I just changed if (!is_npc) to if (is_npc) the funny part about it is >they
>do gossip after the extraction, with a ton of side effects (blush)

Where does this code sit? extract? die? somewhere in mobact.c?


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