magical traps

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 04/10/02

So, I made a little trap struct that I attach to objects and a
corresponding find/disarm trap skill.  But then I thought, wouldn't
it be cool if mages could cast magical traps on objects?  But in
order for a spell to be cast when the trap goes off, mag_damage
needs a reference to the caster.  You can't just put a char_data
pointer in the trap struct, cause what happens when the caster
leaves the game?  I thought about storing pfilepos since that appears
to be a unique identifier, but then you have to load the char from
storage, create the char_data struct and pass that to mag_damage.

So, my question is: is there any danger in doing that, using pfilepos
as an identifier for the trap setter in my trap struct, and possibly
having to load the char to memory not just to char_file_u, but to
an actual char_data?  Wouldn't that screw up his last logon time?
What other consequences might arise from doing this?

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