Re: [Newbie] DG Script

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 04/10/02

On 02-04-10 21.59, "Moppe Sewerin" <mans@GRAPHICLIFE.COM> wrote:

> Hi again all!
> I've just downloaded the DG Scripts and I have one question:
> Any1 knows why the variable %actor% wont work in serveral triggers?
> Used in this example (Speech):
> NArg: 1
> Arg: newbie guide
> Commands:
> wait 1
> say Welcome, %actor%. I will show you around. Follow me.

Search the archives.  Yet again.  Try that before you ask anything.  The
link is at the bottom of all emails sent to this list.

The answer is:
The %actor% references to the entire pc "object", and the .name is the
property of that object, so to speak.


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