Re: act() different 'const' qualifiers?

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 04/11/02

On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, David Cole wrote:

>     if (!(DOOR_IS_OPENABLE(ch, obj, door)))
>       act("You can't $F that!", FALSE, ch, 0, cmd_door[subcmd], TO_CHAR);

> Honestly I don't know what to make of this, i have updated the act()
> and perform_act() in comm.h and changed everything in comm.c, comm.c
> compiles clean now, but i get the above errors in about 22 files for
> various act() calls everywhere. Any ideas, or what I should be looking
> for?

As I made mention of, it's not wise to remove constness.  cmd_door is
an array of const strings, but the fifth argument of act() is no longer
const.  You can't implicitly cast away a const qualifier because const is
meant as a reasonable assurance that a function does not modify a given

Where const is used in CircleMUD, it's usually done for good reason;
haphazardly removing the qualifiers is bound to introduce problems when
you're passing in const parameters or trying to assign a const pointer to
a non-const pointer.


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