Re: not dead yet....

From: George Greer (
Date: 04/12/02

On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, Edward J Glamkowski wrote:

>You'll pardon, but I haven't followed circle development in a while
>and this NOTDEADYET flag....
>I have a spell, energy drain, which may kill either victim or the
>caster or both or nobody.  But if neither die, I want to set them
>fighting.  Since the call to die() for ch and/or victim would happen
>before extract_char_final() is called, I assume I should test for the
>NOTDEADYET flag before setting them fighting.  Don't want dead people
>taking swings...

 * Every spell that does damage comes through here.  This calculates the
 * amount of damage, adds in any modifiers, determines what the saves are,
 * tests for save and calls damage().
 * -1 = dead, otherwise the amount of damage done.
int mag_damage(int level, struct char_data *ch, struct char_data *victim,
                     int spellnum, int savetype)

I don't know what type of spell you have, but a similar check of the return
value might work or could be added.

George Greer

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