CVS Read Access?

From: The Fungi (
Date: 04/14/02

I've been away from the list for many months. Recently I decided it
was time to stop hand-patching circlemud bpl rollups and get with
the program. I'm rewriting my MUD and plan on keeping it in a CVS
repository with my changes as a vendor branch. Read access to the
main CircleMUD CVS tree would make things much cleaner for syncing
(rather than using the snapshot patches from the FTP site), but I
remember something going sour in main CVS about a year ago. I don't
see any updates in the FAQ or recent posts in the archive that
address this issue. Is CVS still down? Similarly, I remember a great
bug tracking system on prior to the redeisgn
(I think).  Is this still hidden somewhere? Or defunct? Or perhaps
I'm just getting senile? Or perhaps someone would like to give me a
lesson in sane keyword choices for the archive search? Sorry to
ramble on so...
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