Re: Circle's combat

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 04/25/02

>Could somebody please explain how does it all work?  I can't
>understand most of its formulas in the code by myself.  Is it a true
>AD&D system?  Help help please. :)

They add in int and wis as modifiers, which is very un-AD&D like...
But mostly, the system is modeled on AD&D, except there are no
"rounds" in the AD&D sense, no initiative.  There's an easy to add
snippet on the ftp site for adding in an init style system:

though your best bet is to add a more general-purpose event queue and
plop weapon swings onto the queue with timing being their initiative
value (which means high init is bad, low init is good, which I don't
recall how AD&D works anymore in that manner).

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