Re: King Welmar ..was.. Re: [CIRCLE] Unsolved Mysterious Crashes

From: Peter Finlayson (
Date: 05/01/02

> From: "Zizazat Lazuras" <zizazat@HOTMAIL.COM>
> Now that you reminded of castle.o , I had a similar problem with that
> file causing my mud to crash randomly, even if noone is doing anything.
> I found that it was crashing specifically at King Welmar's routine and
> suspect it could be the path has one invalid room. However, since noone
> else has problems with this, I never bothered to report it - and heck, I
> took out all areas anyways, so my mud doesnt crash anymore :)

I had a very similar problem, and commented this to Jason Yarber.  i
narrowed the problem down to the line

act(monolog[path[path_index] - 'A'], FALSE, ch, 0, 0, TO_ROOM);

But since the crash only happened sporadicaly, and I did not plan to
include this area in my mud, I did not bother to track it further.

Peter Finlayson

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