Re: [newbie] economy and coins patch

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 05/01/02

>does anyone have a complete snippit or patch for these? the ones off the
>circlemud ftp site were not complete...
>also, the e-mail address included in the snippitfor the coder was not

There's an economy thingy I did (economy.tar.gz on the ftp site).
I converted it to circle from Envy/Merc and cleaned up some problems.
It won't patch in and/or compile nicley with patch level 21 given the
changes in pl21, but it should be fairly trivial to convert over if
you are familiar with circle.  Otherwise, it's as complete as it's
gonna be as a snippet.

There's a ton of cool stuff that's possible as derivative works
(a real stock market with shares in individual mud stores, etc.)
but those are a lot more work and are the kind of things that
distinguish a really neat mud from one that's just patches and
snippets.  So, I intentionally left that as an excerise for the
reader ;)

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