From: George Greer (
Date: 05/02/02

On Thu, 2 May 2002, Edward J Glamkowski wrote:

>Just who all is officially part of the team?

Everybody who receives e-mail at our developer's address.  I can never
remember if we wanted to keep that private.  It's currently hiding in some
of the .tex files so I guess it's supposed to be public.

>I just noticed they are not mentioned in the lib/text/credits file!!

Most of us are in 'help credits' as assorted contributors with no
affiliation noted. I added everybody working on code to the list in
ChangeLog, but that was so the abbreviations 'je, ae, gg, dk' made sense.
I'll go update 'credits' before the final release if it makes you feel

>Jeremy Elson, Alex Fletcher, George Greer, Daniel Koepke
>anybody else?

Chris Epler, who did the FTP site for a long time.  He's in 'help credits'
which is different than just 'credits' alone.

I guess you could say we're more interested in the work than the credit.

George Greer

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