Re: DG and Oasis

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 05/04/02

On 02-05-04 23.08, "Edward J Glamkowski" <eglamkowski@ANGELFIRE.COM> wrote:

> What's the latest and greatest versions of Oasis and DG Scripts?
> There's a million different versions, including some merged patches,
> and since I've never even looked at either before, I'd like to know
> where to start :p   Do they have their own private websites?
> I know of Thrytis' website, but I assume his source code for DG
> scripts is no longer the latest version... ??

The latest release of the original DG Scripts would be pl7a, which you can
download from

I am not entirely sure if there's been any new releases to OasisOLC, but as
far as I know, 2.01 should be the latest release.


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