weird assembly

From: Paolo (
Date: 05/05/02

Hi to the list =)
I've been using assemblies patch in my development mud but i've noticed
strange behaviour.
I've created a new assembly, associated it to the raft found in Midgard,
and using assedit i decidet that to manifacture it a PC would need 2
logs and an hatchet (previously created using oedit, then saved).
But it needed just 1 log and 1 hatchet, then when i assedited the raft,
i found just 1 log and 1 hatchet.
Then i noticed that it doesn't support multiple instances of a required
item, so i had to create a new obj, a "half made raft", using a log and
a hatchet, then the raft should be made using an hatchet and the half
made raft.
Anyone has a better metod?
I don't wanna create all the stesp for all the obj like this... a ship
or a house shoud be made with too much wood... so help me please =)

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