[Newbie] Online Creation

From: Neal E. Coombes (Neal.Coombes@telus.net)
Date: 05/07/02

I'm using CircleMUD 3.0bpl21 on a Windows 98 machine.  I have MinGW 1.1
and Borland 5.5, I used borland to compile (wish I could have used MinGW
though).  I'm looking for the easiest route to take in getting an OLC
going.  I've checked out contrib/olc/online to take a look.  I had
decided on OasisOLC.  I downloaded the version for windows and of course
the readme says for it's for pl11, I tried anyway and lo and behold as
expected it doesn't work :)

So I'm still looking for the easiest route in getting an OLC going.
Should I use something other than OasisOLC?  if so, what? if not, how
can I get it working?  Thanks for any and all help.


Neal E. Coombes

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