Show Zones, Mobs, Objects

From: Pete Johnson (ukrawbones@AOL.COM)
Date: 05/10/02

There is already in Circlemud a command for showing the zones and shops
lists, does anyone have a snippet of code for doing the same sort of thing
but to display instead of zones, a list of Mobs and objects in a specific

I am after this to make life easier for editing and creating mobs and
objects in a particular zone for each designated builder area.

If like me you have copious notes on bits of paper which you sometimes
leave at your mates house, after a few beers and numerous hours of
construction, it would be good to have a command online to
show these lists in a given zone. In particular i want to add the commands

show mobs ( gives a list of mobs in the zone you are currently in )
show objects ( gives a list of objects in the zone you are currently in )

I am using an adapted version of Oasis Circlemud 30 bpl 19.

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