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From: Artovil (
Date: 05/15/02

At 10:24 2002-05-15 -0400, you wrote:
>Small bug:  Player creates new character.  Then creates aliases
>for that character.  Deletes character.  Someone else creates
>character of same name as deleted character.  All the original
>player's aliases are still there!
>Now, it's handy when you're in development and need to do periodic
>pwipes, but it's not the behavior I'd want in a "live" mud...
>When a character gets deleted, his aliases should be wiped at the
>same time.

Pending on what you have in your mud this may vary, but this is for a mud
with travels and ASCII pfiles:

   /* Delete the player travels file */
     get_filename(player_table[pfilepos].name, filename, TRAV_FILE);

   /* Delete the player alias file */
   get_filename(player_table[pfilepos].name, filename, ALIAS_FILE);

   /* Delete player object file */

Add those in void remove_player(int pfilepos).


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