create food spell

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 05/16/02

It seemed rather boring to me that the create food spell only ever
created bread, given how many items have type ITEM_FOOD.  So I set
it up to pick a random food per casting :)

First, in db.c create two new variables:
obj_vnum *food_list;
int num_foods;

Add this function:
void init_food_list(void)
  obj_rnum i;
  int cnt;

  /* First we have to count how many food items so we can allocate
   * only as much space as need for the food array. */
  for (i = 0; i < top_of_objt; i++) {
    if (GET_OBJ_TYPE(&obj_proto[i]) == ITEM_FOOD)
      num_foods += 1;

  /* Now allocate */
  if (num_foods) {
    CREATE(food_list, obj_vnum, num_foods);

    if (!food_list)

    /* And now go through and assign the values to the array */
    for (i = 0, cnt = 0; i < top_of_objt; i++) {
      if (GET_OBJ_TYPE(&obj_proto[i]) == ITEM_FOOD)
        food_list[cnt++] = GET_OBJ_VNUM(&obj_proto[i]);

at the end of boot_world(), add
  log("Initializing statics.");

and in destroy_db(), add
  if (food_list)

And then, move on over to magic.c, and at the top, add:
extern int num_foods;
extern obj_vnum *food_list;

then in mag_creations, replace the CREATE_FOOD case with
      if (!food_list)
        z = 10;
        z = food_list[rand_number(0, num_foods - 1)];

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