Re: Dotmode etc.

From: Russell Brown (russell_brown@MFDG.COM)
Date: 05/17/02

On Fri, 17 May 2002 13:45:40 -0500, shay <> wrote:

>Not exactly.  In the first case, if the 2nd argument (the 1) isn't a
>number, then assume that your grabbing the 1st one.  In the second case, if
>the 1st argument is a number represented by a word, then the object is the
>next argument, otherwise the object is the 1st argument.  Much like the
>dotmode is currently, just tweaked a bit.

Here is a potiential side effect that just occurred to me. If you use
the "prettier" method of "get second sword" you introduce the possiblity
of confusion with object that use number words as keywords.

For Example:
You have the following item.
Description: "Nazgul's second book of Necromancy."
Keywords: book, necromancy, nazguls, second

How do you handle the command "read second"? (assumming the character
may also possess the first, third and fourth books of necromancy, which
is why they didn't just "read book".)

>I'm not saying it would be easy.. but could be done.

Of course it could be done. The same is true of all the questions that
pop up on the list that follow the formula: "Is it possible to program X?"
The short, smart ass answer is: Yes.  A more helpfull answer is: Yes,
given you are willing to spend the required amount of time and effort,
nearly anything can be programmed into the mud.

A better question to ask is: Is new feature X worth the time and effort
it would take to program? The answer will vary depending on how much the
new feature is wanted and the programmers skill. I think that given the
original poster's question was basically "How can I remove dotmodes?" the
variable parameter scheme you describe is probably beyond their coding
skills. Will going from 2.sword to sword 2 really be worth the effort?

In any case if you, or anyone else, implement the new system, I recommend
having it exist side by side with the dotmode method.  If you take it out
completely, I garauntee it won't be long before you get some players asking
"How come 'wear 2.pants' doesn't work anymore?"


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