Code for HIDE and SEARCH (for items/doors/mobs) - Circlemud3.0

From: katja hansen (katjahansen80@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 05/19/02

This is a longshot, but hopefully someone out there are able to help me...

I recently downloaded CircleMUD 3.0 patchlevel 20. The commands already
added were great, but i very much miss the ability to make items/doors/mobs
HIDDEN (by default when creating an area/zone), and then use a SEARCH
command to find them.

The idea is this: When you enter a room, items/doors/mobs could be hidden
there (so they dont show up by default). To find them, you should have to
search for them. Search is to be a skill that improves through successful
finds. The command should only work on (affect) the room you are currently
in, none of the others. (unlike the scan/locate/where commands)

I have searched all the resource-sites i can find, including several
mailinglists and such, withouth finding anything i can use. Also i do not
have very much programming skills, so i am not able to make one myself. But
if someone sent me a patch or such, i should be able to implement it...

Hopefully someone can help me.


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