Autowiz problems

From: Templar Viper (
Date: 05/22/02


I recently implented the Ascii autowiz patch by Cathy Gore, and now 
I seem to run into some problems. It has been a long while since I 
looked into the autowiz file, but no circlemud is completed without 
autowiz right :)

Os: Cygwin on windows '98 (I know...)

My circlemud is at bpl21 with oasis olc, dg_scripts, 128bit flags, 
and some more patches and alterations which are not worth listing.
My mud has 115 levels, 106 to 115 immortal.

The first time autowiz is run, it is fine. Shows everything perfectly etc.
However, let's run it for the second time (By wizupdate or advance) 
and the wizlist shows this:
* punishable by immediate death.                                        *


                                 Greater Gods


                                 Greater Gods

That's kinda weird.. Doubt it this is meant to happen. So my 
question is, does somebody encounted a similar problem like 
this, or does anybody know where the problem is..? I'm really 
out of clues.  
I'm sorry I cannot provide any code since I do not know where 
the problem is, but I think most of you should be quite femiliar 
with autowiz anyway. Oh, if anyone is wondering, I did not make 
any alterations to autowiz. 

Thanks for the attention.

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