Re: OasisOLC problem

From: Thomas Larcombe (raucous@DIM.COM)
Date: 05/24/02

Hi again...
     apologies for the last message, seems I really need to
get used to sending messages here. Sent that last one by accident
somehow before writing it.
     Thank you for the help you two who replied. I think I have the
problem narrowed down and possibly solved. In comparing the code for
the full circle30bpl21 w/ oasis already patched in and what I had I
discovered that I had also set the mud to 'unsigned'. From what I could
see of the definitions in there and in the Oasis pieces of code, that
may have been what was causing the problem. I have it up and running
mostly well now except for one minor compiler error which doesn't
prevent the whole mess from running and creating new rooms/mobs/objects
like it is supposed to. Evidently the 'make' right after I installed the
patch was the one I walked out to get more coffee during so I had missed
a bunch of compiler errors stating that comparisons would always
be true or false due to similar data types. Ctrl-s and ctrl-q are your
other friendly debugging tools when you just want to stop the error on
screen for a minute while running the make.
     The last compiler error that still shows is in line 439 of medit.
It says an array subscript has type char. I'll be working on trying to
fix that one today. Once again thanks for all the help.
Tom Larcombe

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