Re: server security

From: Bryan Donlan (
Date: 05/29/02

On Wednesday 29 May 2002 6:06 pm, ben heise wrote:
> >LOL, yes. Give it a user acct that is disabled, give it write access to
> >its dir, maybe even put it in a chroot jail...
> so how would you do all this? chroot jail? and what about something like
> a data path to the mud dir?(or is that a chroot jail?)

When you do a chroot jail, the / directory for the mud is set to another dir.
Copy(or hardlink, NOT SYMLINK) the files listed in ldconfig
circledir/bin/circle into circledir/lib, then replace the "bin/circle XXX"
line somewhere in your runscript with "chroot circledir bin/circle XXX"

circle will not be able to touch anything outside its directory. This is
somewhat difficult to pull off, but it's worth it.

> write access privileges I understand....
> but I was also wondering about firewalls and such. do you all run your
> MUD behind like a hardware/software firewall scheme? with routers and
> such?


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