Strange occurencies in Borland makefile

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 05/30/02

I've recently been contacted by a user of my latest patch - dg scripts pl7
for circle bpl 19. It works as it's supposed to when using MSVC, Linux and

However, this user needs to use Borland, a compiler I have never used. He
made alterations to the makefile.bcc55 himself, and I can't see anything
out of the ordinary there. Mainly he has added the source/object files under
the correct headers, and copied the dependancy lines/changed the names.

However, he now gets a strange compiler error in one file only:

Warning W8008 dg_scripts.c 2086: Condition is always false in function
Warning W8066 dg_scripts.c 2086: Unreachable code in function process_wait
Warning W8008 dg_scripts.c 2201: Condition is always false in function
Warning W8066 dg_scripts.c 2201: Unreachable code in function process_attach
Warning W8008 dg_scripts.c 2208: Condition is always false in function
... continues to end of file..

All these line uses the CREATE() macro:

  CREATE(wait_event_obj, struct wait_event_data, 1);  <-- 2086
  wait_event_obj->trigger = trig;
  wait_event_obj->go = go;
  wait_event_obj->type = type;

  if (c) {
    if (!SCRIPT(c))
      CREATE(SCRIPT(c), struct script_data, 1);  <-- 2201
    add_trigger(SCRIPT(c), newtrig, -1);

I haven't changed the CREATE macro, and it works in all other files.

Anyone got a clue (or is working with borland) ?


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