Re: Ansi color detection and a real telnet server for CircleMUD

From: Juliano Ravasi Ferraz (
Date: 05/31/02

Vladimir Nano wrote:
> It means, server sends ansi string to client, but client
> do not answer immediately. Client answers when player enters new
> line(enter).
> And then ansi answer and name is in one string :-(
> How to force client to send answer immediately?
> Or is ansi answer somewhere in d->input before entering player name?
> Thank You VladoN

CircleMUD is not a telnet server, and you are trying to use ANSI
commands which depends on current telnet session status. You should
instruct the client to disable TELNET LINEMODE option before expecting
any immediate result from it.

It is hard to implement a good and reliable telnet server over
CircleMUD. I have tryed, but the one I did does not work like should.
The current CircleMUD socket handling system does not fits comfortably
with the implementation method described on RFC 1143.

If someone on this list want to try, I should recommend RFCs 854, 855,
857, 1143 and 1184, and the telnetd source code.


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