Re: No Core

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/06/02

> On Tuesday 04 June 2002 10:16 pm, Mythran wrote:
> > Every time my mud has crashed with no error messages, except for
> > Sigmentation Faults, there is no core made...:(
> >
> > Anyone ran into this before?  I am running RedHat Linux 7.2 with
> > Circle30bpl17 with all the fixins (code is modified).
> >
> > Mythran
> Add 'ulimit -c unlimited' to your runscript(or wherever it'll be run before
> the mudserver)

        One or two things to note: depending on your installation, your
ulimit is set within the default login scripts (located in /etc usually,
as things like csh.login, or cshrc, for c shell).  That's great, and works
because the login process is running with root priveleges.

        This is important, because just like nice, you cannot (in most
situations) raise your ulimits, only decrease them.

        So, unless you run your mud as root, you may not be able to
backwards-adjust your ulimit TO unlimited.  Implementation specific, of
course (depends on hard and soft limits).

        Oh, and if you run your mud as root, you're a moron, and I'm not
even going to bother to explain.


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