Re: No Core

From: Juliano Ravasi Ferraz (
Date: 06/06/02

> for whatever reason I can't fathom... maybe you
> hafta sneak it in on some low port on the server?

If you have root access to your mud server, it is far far better to use
your privileges to redirect the low port to your unprivileged mud port,
rather than running the mud as a privileged user.

On Linux, try:
ipchains -I input -s 0/0 -d 23 -p tcp -j REDIRECT 4000

Change with your current IP address, 23 with your privileged
port, and 4000 with the real port your mud is currently running. This is
the same trick used to create a transparent proxy.

I couldn't remember how to do this on that other OS.


Juliano Ravasi Ferraz <>
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Same to you and whatever you meant by that!

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