Problems with GET_RACE(ch)

From: Alex Mann (
Date: 06/09/02


I recently rejoined the circle coding community, and one of a my first tasks
was to recode the races back into my mud. Everything seems to have gone in
fine, pretty much all of it is identical to the class structure, and I
altered the pfile and did a pwipe to save the spare slot for later work.

However, when ever I try to call GET_RACE(ch), such as in do_score using %s
call, I get the following compiler error:

warning; format argument is not a pointer (arg 4)

The code compiles but if you try and type score it crashes the game and
closes the socket.

If you set it as a %d it works fine and returns the correct number based on
this chart:
#define RACE_UNDEFINED    -1
#define RACE_HUMAN        0
#define RACE_ELF          1
#define RACE_TROLL        2
#define RACE_DWARF        3
#define RACE_HALFLING     4

#define NUM_RACES         5

So it looks like somewhere GET_RACE got set to be an integer and not a char.
But i can't seem to find it anywhere in the code, it all looks fine.

Running circle30bpl21 with Oasis but not DG scripts.

Any ideas appriciated.


Alex Mann

Naryan World
Telnet 7474

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