Re: Shockwave Graphical Mud

From: Jason Yarber (
Date: 06/09/02

> We are developing a shockwave interface for a modified CircleMud server
> were hoping to get some eyes on it. Its at:
> The project is still in it's very early stages (pre-Alpha). All of the
> artwork is temporary, but most of the commands are automated. Any
> suggestions, likes or dislikes would be greatly appreciated as well...

When I logged on using the character name Loki, I told you some of what I
thought, or at least I told an
immortal named God.  So I'll retell it to you here.  One thing you need to
do is make the message screen
stop clearing itself, it's clearing the messages too fast for me to read
everything, and I'm missing half of
what I want to see.  To make the mud further graphical, you may want to have
the gui-room and gui-maps
color coded according to the room type, meaning if your in the air, the room
will be shown white, if your
in a field, it'll be green, if your in the water, it'll be blue, if your
underwater it'll be dark blue, ...etc.
Also, you want to update your help files for hit points, mana, movement and
such so that they'll tell you
where on the gui you can look for the graphical readout of them.  I was a
little dissapointed to find that
there was nothing to tell me what anything on my screen meant, and that I
had to figure it out myself.
While the shockwave interface is still great, not everyone will want to use
shockwave to play your
mud.  I'd highly suggest making it possible for players to log in using
their favorite telnet client as well.
While they'll be losing the graphical side of the mud by doing so, they'd be
gaining the ability to set up
triggers on their mud client.  If it's at all possible, I'd suggest putting
a hit counter on your page, so that
you can keep reports of who views your web page and how many of them are
using a certain resolution.
If you do that, then you'll be able to know that most(if not all) of your
users are using 1024*768, then you
can resize the shockwave screen accordingly to make it easier for people to
read the currently small text in
the message window.  With your boards, when I typed look board, all it would
show me was "###**###"
or something like that.  It wouldn't actually show me a list of the posts,
you need to fix that so it will show
you what posts are there, unless your goiing to be adding in a graphical
list for the boards just like you did
for the shops, in that case, that will be fine.  While it's great that you
have classes and races, the only classes
I found that I could be was a warrior.  I don't know if you have any other
races and thier just restricted to
humans, but if not, then you do need to make other races.  If you do have
other races, i find it wierd that you
would restrict humans to only warriors.  In closing, I once again give you
mad props.  You have done something
that me and my friends have been trying to do for the longest time, as in
making a graphical mud out of Circle.

Jason Yarber

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