Re: Who would have a use for...?

From: Jason Yarber (
Date: 06/11/02

> Who would have a use for a batch file that does the syslog rotation, and
> adapts to changes like custom directories... without having to edit the
> file. Here's what I'm thinking:
> Menu based;
> you can press numbers/letters to change certain aspects, like where your
> circle.exe is located, perhaps naming your own logs, etc.
> Colorful; not boring.
> Things you enter into it is saved, and is kept in; like you enter your
> directory as c:\circle30bpl21\ and it stays that way, and doesn't go to a
> default.
> Automatic Debugger; it starts your debugger, I might not be able to do the
> MSVC debugger, i dont know how to do that type of stuff, although I may be
> able to learn.
> Password; need a password to start the mud
If you were able to download my CircleFullInstall and incorporate all the
batch files included within it, into the command menu, sure I'd add it to a
future release of CircleFullInstall

Jason Yarber

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