Re: Problems with saving using Oasis OLC

From: Jared Noble (
Date: 06/11/02

> With sedit save using oasis olc with cicle30bpl21 doesn't seem to save the
> files correctly, when you reboot although the obj file have been updated
> doesn't load back into the game or it is not recognised. Anyone else come
> accross this problem, or know of a solution for this problem.

Had you searched for SEDIT in the archives you would have found this
fix. Granted there were a few other fixes that didn't work but with a little
work you would eventually have found or figured this one out.

* Save messages'n'stuff.
* Added some small'n'silly defaults as sanity checks.
S_NOITEM1(shop) ? S_NOITEM1(shop) : "%s Ke?!",
S_NOITEM2(shop) ? S_NOITEM2(shop) : "%s Ke?!",
S_NOBUY(shop) ? S_NOBUY(shop) : "%s Ke?!",
S_NOCASH1(shop) ? S_NOCASH1(shop) : "%s Ke?!",
S_NOCASH2(shop) ? S_NOCASH2(shop) : "%s Ke?!",
S_BUY(shop) ? S_BUY(shop) : "%s Ke?! %d?",
S_SELL(shop) ? S_SELL(shop) : "%s Ke?! %d?",

By the way, this above snippit goes into save_shop, or
rather it replaces the code there. Check to see what the
differences are. Or you can just replace that whole block
of code.


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