Re: [newbie] encountered problem with abbrev.txt

From: Artovil (
Date: 06/13/02

At 13:32 2002-06-13 +0200, Soul Reaper wrote:
>int isname(const char *str, const char *namelist)
>i put that into the code, now i can't look at anything.. everytime i type l
>fido or k fido, or k fi or anything, it points at me.. just as if i wrote k

That does not have to do with the isname function. That has to do with the
calls to the function, probably in act.offensive.c.  All that isname takes
is a string and a namelist it checks for occurances of the string in.

>i have another question.. is there a way i can make an npc immortal, without
>making the room peaceful or give the npc 50 million hp? :)

You could put their level to immortal level (is that 31 in a stock circle?)
and then place a check in the damage code in fight.c similar to the way pc
imms are treated.

>and.. is there a dg script compatible with bpl21?

Not that I know of.  You might have to patch it in yourself.  It is
"compatible" but you might get some rejects, but over all, shouldn't be too
hard.  There might be somebody working on a package out there, I have a
vague memory of that.


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