Re: Summoning Spells and additions required

From: Ronald Fenner (
Date: 06/14/02

On Friday, June 14, 2002, at 12:07 PM, Alex Mann wrote:

> 1) I want to add a timer that causes removal of the summoned item. I
> presume
> in com.c simply create a loop that counts to 50 say and then removes
> the obj
> from the chars inventory if it is still there.
in comm.c there is the point_update function this function checks for
stuff like if you look it over you'll probably get an idea of how to do
the timer as some objects already have one.

> 2) A timer that will remove the Charm flagg on a mob, I figure it will
> be
> easier to simply stop him for being charmed rather then remove him
> completely.
you don't need a timer for this any spell cast on a mob or player
expires after a time so you probably should review the code for spells
and such even if your not casting you can still through code set  up an
affect to put the mob in a charmed state.
try looking over the charm code to see how it works

> 3) A limit so that you can only use the Charm flag once, so you can't
> have
> multiple charmed creatures or summoned creatures.
for this depending on how you implement the charming command you would
just want to look at the follower list and see if there are followers
that are charmed if so then the charm fails.

Hope this helps.


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