Re: [CODE] mtrace thoughts

From: George Greer (
Date: 06/16/02

On Sun, 16 Jun 2002, Alex wrote:

>Memory not freed:
>   Address     Size     Caller
>0x081df220    0x16c  at 0x400c9cde
>0x081dfa08    0x16c  at 0x400c9cde
>0x08282390    0x16c  at 0x400c9cde
>Can anybody messed around with this more than me give me some idea about how
>to track down these guys? Any help would be appreciated :)

That looks like your C library leaking.  It's similar to the example I have
in the sysdep.h file:

 *      Memory not freed:
 *      -----------------
 *         Address     Size     Caller
 *      0x080ca830      0xf  at /lib/[0x400a6a09]
 *      0x080ca848      0xc  at /lib/[0x400d127c]
 *      0x080ca858      0xc  at /lib/[0x400d127c]
 *      0x080ca868      0xc  at /lib/[0x400d127c]

It's just that your tracer didn't manage to resolve the addresses. (No
debugging information available?)  The memory may not be leaked, per se,
because it might just allocate the memory once and reuse it for every call
of that library function.

George Greer

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