Re: [NEWBIE] Help finding more up to date enhancements please (I real ly tried)

From: Jason Yarber (
Date: 06/18/02

Lee Bussy wrote:
> I'm looking for guidance, someone to point me to some patches that are
> up to date and more bug-free to get me on my way.  I've tried a few but
> since things have been renamed, rearranged, deleted, etc, I've gotten
> frustrated on several occasions after 3+ hours of manual patching (on
> MSVC++6) and then having hundreds of errors or not finding the area I'm
> looking for.

I couldn't help but notice that you didn't specify what version of circle
you are using.
If you don't mind using an older version, I'm sure I can point you to
something that
has most of what your looking for already installed, and it's for msvc 6.0.
If you look
on the ftp site in the windows directory, find CircleFullWindows, or point
your browser
to and look under 'My Programs' for
Both of those are the same, however, by using the web addy you can also
access the forums
where you can get help directly from me regarding that version of Circle,
also, by using the
web addy, you can be guaranteed of getting the most recent version I've
released.  Also, by
registering an account for the forums, and posting a message on the forum,
you will also
recieve an email anytime a new version of one of my programs has been
uploaded to the
web site, as well as be able to suggest changes to future releases.

Sincerely, Jason Yarber

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