[CODE] OasisOLC + MobProgs problems ?

From: Patrik Forsberg (paddy@paddy.pp.se)
Date: 06/20/02

Ok.. first off Im sorry for the bugs in the OasisOLC 2.0.1 patch I
released.. a few bugs appeard to me first when I now went on vacation and
had to install Cygwin and compile on my windows machine. Everything seems
to work fine once the extra #define of LVL_BUILDER is removed and the
little array error is fixed.

So now my problem.

I took a shot and manually patched in MOBProgs from the circlmud ftp. I
got it working after a few modifications to the original code for bpl21 ..
like send_to_char and so on.
Well... I got almost everything working.. the mobprog itself works.. and
the OasisOLC seem to be able to write them .. exept it doesnt save the
program to ether memory or disk. Ive isolated the problem to the following
bit of code in genmob.c:

  GET_MPROG_TYPE(OLC_MOB(d)) = (OLC_MPROGL(d) ? OLC_MPROGL(d)->type : 0);
  while (OLC_MPROGL(d)) {
    GET_MPROG_TYPE(OLC_MOB(d)) |= OLC_MPROGL(d)->type;
    OLC_MPROGL(d) = OLC_MPROGL(d)->next;

This part of the code compiles with the following error:

dereferencing pointer to incomplete type

and I cant get past it .. anyone have any ideas of how to fix it .. or any
ideas or anything ?


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