Re: cancel command

From: Peter Finlayson (
Date: 06/21/02

Based on the princple that if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing, I
changed my mud's code so that whenever a '~' character is input, it
dumps the input buffer, and if a '`' is read, it moves all of the
current command to the top of the processing queue.

An example of the '`':
> cast 'lightning bolt' drake     - 1st command
> cast 'lightning bolt' drake       - 2nd, still lagging from 1st
> cast 'fireball' drake             - 3rd, not even close

> `cast 'heal'

You feel much better!
Your Lightning bolt hits Drake!
Your Lightning bolt hits Drake!
Your Fireball hits Drake!


Anyway, unfortunately I have no experience with diff tools, so I have
simply uploaded my entire new process_input procedure:

If you would prefer, I could try to describe the changes I made.

Peter Finlayson

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