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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/21/02

        A while back, I had put forth a bit of effort trying to write up a
little how-to for people wishing to debug code.  Of course, a good portion
of the guide was primarily so people wouldn't ask as many stupid
questions.  It was originally intended to be an expanded version of the
'The art of debugging' document by Michael Chastian. (I think I spelled
that correctly).

        I never actually got around to finishing it, but since I may never
have the time, I may as well show you what's done so far.  The currently
completed sections cover; project planning, using cvs, using grep and find
to trace through code, using logging messages to locate errors, and using
gdb and msvc to debug.

        It's still missing a section on sourcesafe, and using electric
fence, dbmalloc, boundschecker, purify, and other 'catch' software and

        The guide can be found at
, or you can download the zip file at

        I had to solicit the help of a few individuals to write up
sections, so I wanted to point out that Henrik Stuart was
responsible for a goodly portion of the section on using the MSVC

        I'll upload it to the circle ftp site as well, of course, but you
can run through some of the sections online as well.

        Any comments, critisisms, noting of errors, all that good stuff,
send to me, but as per my usual, don't expect any sort of speedy update -
or update at all, for that matter ;)

        Tooooo busy.


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