Re: [newbie] arena.txt

From: Peter d (
Date: 06/23/02

thanx for the help, the problem though, with acmd(do_awho)
still doesn't work, it prints out only the first name that joined the arena,
and it doesn't print out the time info and cost and whatever is printed
out.. i'll paste in the block of code that is involved..

  sprintf(buf,"  Gladiators in the Arena\r\n");
  sprintf(buf,"%s---------------------------------------\r\n", buf);
  sprintf(buf,"%sGame Length = %-3d   Time To Start %-3d\r\n", buf,
              game_length, time_to_start);
  sprintf(buf,"%sLevel Limits %d to %d\r\n", buf, lo_lim, hi_lim);
  sprintf(buf,"%s         Jackpot = %ld\r\n", buf, arena_pot);
  sprintf(buf,"%s---------------------------------------\r\n", buf);
this is for the time info and info of the arena session..

for (d = descriptor_list; d; d = d->next)
    if (!d->connected) {
      tch = d->character;
        if (world[tch->in_room].zone == ARENA_ZONE &&
            ROOM_FLAGGED(IN_ROOM(tch), ROOM_ARENA) &&
            (tch->in_room != NOWHERE) && GET_LEVEL(tch)<LVL_IMMORT) {
          sprintf(buf , "%s%-20.20s%s", buf,
          GET_NAME(tch),(!(++num % 3) ? "\r\n" : ""));
  strcat(buf, "\r\n\r\n");
  page_string(ch->desc, buf, 1);

this piece of code is located just below.. and it is this code that only
prints out the first arena fighter, but none of the others..
this should be the last thing for now with the arena.. thanx for your time.

// Peter

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