more novice questions re: OLC/128bit

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 06/25/02

Ok, I have a very foolish error which I have notes about somewhere in this
mess of documentation I've downloaded.  Unfortunately I cannot find it.
So, I've got a:

warning: passing arg 2 of 'sprintascii' makes integer from pointer
without a cast

(Actually, I have that 4 times . . .)

The relevant line in genmob.c looks like such:
  sprintascii(buf1, MOB_FLAGS(mob));

I've been trying to determine if this has anything to do with the 128bit
patch (well, quite obviously it does, since it compiled without issue
before the addition of the 128bit code) but haven't been able to figure
out what is causing this.  Particularly because when I applied the 128bit
BEFORE olc, I never recieved these errors . . .

In addition, I've now got an issue with my GET_OBJ_PERM macro in genobj.c
and it seems that there is definitely a problem with the way I *was* doing
the macro . . . (after "fixing" it, my suspiscions were correct, and I
managed to breack it differently.)

Any assistance anyone can give in helping me sort out my macro woes and
pointing me in the right direction regarding the simplistic pointer
errors, it's be quite appreciated!


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