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From: Kras Kresh (
Date: 06/26/02

>From: Mathew Earle Reuther <>
>The point I'm trying to draw your attention to here is that there are
>always going to be implementors who are unable to figure out "simple"
>errors or "fundamental" problems.  It's important for those of us who
>aren't able to figure out things that those of you with erperience
>generously try to assist us.  Because believe it or not, I bet 95% of us
>already read the part where it says: "don't do this if you don't know c, a
>mud is not a learning project" . . . yet we're doing it anyway for some
>reason.  Telling us to go read a book on c is not likely to produce some
>amazing epiphany in us. :)

My story is that someone introduced me to mudding and it stuck for a while.
After that, I became a builder using OasisOLC. Next, I enrolled in a C++
class and downloaded the codebase for CircleMUD and played around. He
finally let me program for the mud and since then I've been the head coder.
I had lots of bugs from my old functions which I think I fixed up. =) For
me, this _WAS_ my learning project. Oh yeah, I'm not one of the 95% hehe.
Without CircleMUD, I probably would have failed the programming classes I
took, which I probably wouldn't have taken if I wasn't introduced to the

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