Vote on your 2 favorite C or C++ books! (please :) )

From: Bussy, Lee (OTS-KC) (
Date: 06/27/02

I've seen a couple of books mentioned here.  I was wondering what the
consensus was for books that meet two needs.

The first:  Your Aunt wants to learn C(++) and as much as you love your
family, the thought of having to explain what the book is explaining over
and over to her disgusts you.  You want to buy her a book that she can learn
from, will be interesting enough to keep her going and comprehensive enough
to keep her busy for a while.  That and it will keep your mother off your
back about being nice to your Aunt.

What book do you buy her?

Second:  Your brother-in-law is a newbie programmer that has the basic jist
of it but keeps calling to ask about syntax, examples and things.  He
borrows your books and gets water rings on them from setting Mt Dew cans
down on them as he works.  You want to buy him that one book that he can
keep there at his desk that will keep him away from your books and most
importantly, away from the phone calling you.  Did I mention your wife and
he have been very close all their lives and she doesn't understand why you
don't help him more?

What book do you buy him?

Lee C. Bussy
Manager, LAN Services
DST Output
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