Re: [newbie] [dg scripts] foolish errors and some notes

From: The Fungi (
Date: 06/27/02

On Thu, Jun 27, 2002 at 07:46:49AM -0700, Mathew Earle Reuther wrote:
> If nothing else I'd like to see what you continue to come up with so I can
> see where your changes differ with mine!

I've made mine available:

Files of therein:

   2002062116.tar.gz (a mirror of the official snapshot tarball)
   circlemud-3.0.cvs2002062116.tar.gz (symlink to the same)
   dgscripts-0.99pl7.cvs2002062116.README (included in this message)
   dgscripts-0.99pl7.cvs2002062116.patch.gz (*bad* dgscripts patch)
   oasisolc-2.0.1-debian.patch.gz (ignore this--used for packages)
   oasisolc-2.0.1.cvs2002062116.README (about my current oasisolc)
   oasisolc-2.0.1.cvs2002062116.patch.gz (fixed 2.0.1 for bpl21)

About dgscripts-0.99pl7.cvs2002062116.patch.gz:

This is a work in progress. Should patch cleanly against CircleMUD
CVS snapshot 2002062116 after applying my OasisOLC CVS patch. There
*are* bugs. You *will* crash the MUD. It probably *will* corrupt
data files. Your computer *could* explode in a giant ball of flame.
Do not hold me responsible. If you want to send a patch or otherwise
suggest a fix to The Fungi <> please do so. It
compiles for me on Debian Sid/i386 at the time of writing, but I can
easily crash it through trigedit. This is not a "working" patch in
any way. At present it is merely of academic interest...

The transcript:

   > trigedit 1
   Trigger Editor [1]

   1) Name         : memory test trigger
   2) Intended for : Mobiles
   3) Trigger types: Memory
   4) Numberic Arg : 100
   5) Arguments    :
   6) Commands:
   * assign this to a mob, force the mob to mremember you, then enter the
   * room the mob is in while visible (not via goto)
   say I remember you,!

   Q) Quit
   Enter Choice :q
   > trigedit 2
   Connection closed by foreign host.

The stdout:

   Jun 27 17:50:57 :: Boot db -- DONE.
   Jun 27 17:50:57 :: Signal trapping.
   Jun 27 17:50:57 :: Entering game loop.
   Jun 27 17:50:57 :: No connections.  Going to sleep.
   Jun 27 17:51:02 :: New connection.  Waking up.
   Jun 27 17:51:15 :: Imp [localhost] new player.
   Jun 27 17:51:16 :: EImp entering game with no equipment.
   Jun 27 17:51:24 :: OLC: Imp starts editing zone 0 allowed zone 0
   Jun 27 17:51:26 :: OLC: Imp stops editing zone 0 allowed zone 0
   circle: ../sysdeps/generic/printf_fphex.c:163: __printf_fphex:
      Assertion `*decimal != '\0' && decimalwc != L'\0'' failed.

I will troubleshoot this one when I get home tonight. Suggestions
welcome but don't spend too much time on it. And it is almost
definitely something stupid on my part...
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