Re: Zones and rooms

From: Mythran (
Date: 06/27/02

You have to be careful how you figure out what the zone number is though.
> If you're checking for "can this person edit this room", you want to check
> whether the room falls within the range of the zone they're allowed to
> edit.  Don't check whether the room they're in belongs to the zone they
> edit.  The distinction is subtle, but there's only one "room->zone" for
> zones that it could belong to.  The "room->zone" is assigned 'greedily' in
> db.c, that is the zone only increments when loading a room that cannot
> exist in the current zone.  So zones of 1-8 and 2-4 will result in ->zone
> being the same for all 8 rooms.  To do otherwise would cause a lot more
> code changes...
> --
> George Greer

As of right now, I am implementing a function, can_edit_zone.  This
when called, will check to see if a player/builder can edit/modify a
mob/et cetera.  This is the primary function that will need to be updated.

Of course, this is for my mud only.  I don't understand why a similar
has never been introduced into the list of functions in OasisOLC or some


Oh thoughts...:)


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