NEWBIE, LIB, Formatting errors

From: Aurik Rain (
Date: 06/28/02

This is my first post, I'm a newbie at running a MUD.
I've been adding a new Class to my mud, which is fine, the problem lies
in when I'm adding additional areas.

This is the error I receive when I run:  bin/circle -c

SYSERR: Format error in roomflags/sector type of room #3070

Here is the coding from the 30.wld file....I'm really stumped on
this...I'm not sure what the formatting problem is at this point.  Can
someone offer some suggestions or clues as to what might be wrong?
Thank you.
The Entrance to the Rangers' Guild~
   The entrance to the Rangers' Guild looks like the inside of a log cabin
with no furniture and no windows.  The lighting is coming from
sconces on the walls, and a fire burns in a stone hearth.  A doorway that
seems to have been just cut out of the west wall leads to the bar.  An
archway to the south leads out to the West Gate of Midgaard.
30 d 0
You can see the West Gate of Midgaard out there.
0 -1 3040
The bar looks like it might be only slightly more comfortable than the
you are in.
0 -1 3071
You see nothing special about the hearth.
You see nothing special about the sconces.

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