Re: Whats the point?

From: Alex (
Date: 06/28/02

> > If we followed tradition, CambotMUD.  Probably CambotV3MUD by now though.
> The reference escapes me, sorry. :)
CircleMUD is named after the original machine that it lived on:

The machine that developing is done on now is named Cambot (from MST3K).
The V3 comes from the fact that Cambot just got upgraded for the 2nd
(actually, I thought it was the 3rd, but I might be wrong) time in the
last week or two.  Thus, CambotV3.  :)


[As a side note, if we'd released an interim new edition about two years
ago, it would have likely been called ServoMud (also an MST3K reference)
because the machine was called Servo for a period of time.]

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