Re: [newbie] [dg scripts] foolish errors and some notes

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 06/28/02

> displaying them properly.  Either double the %-signs that shouldn't be
> interpreted or make sure they're not part of the format string but in one
> of the %s-declared buffers.

Ok, so while poking around looking at various send_to_char calls, I notice
that there are instances in stock code which do not follow the:
send_to_char(d, "%s", buf); convention.  Should they all be changed, or is
there a reason why some of them are merely: send_to_char(d, buf); . . . ?

What you're saying makes some sense as certain characters don't translate
well when doing a simple printf(); . . . like the \ character for example.
(Sorry for my total newbie comment here, but it helps me to understand
when I put it in really basic terms.)

Ok, well, there's my question for the moment.  Time to go watch one more
hour of TV, then back to the grindstone. :)


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