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Date: 06/28/02

On Fri, Jun 28, 2002 at 09:20:30AM -0600, Tom wrote:
> 1. I intend to remove all zones that are not essential to the
> running of the mud and its functions. I know that zone 0
> (the void) needs to remain in. I seem to recall that sometime
> back it was necessary for zone 30 to stay in for any mail
> functions to work. Is this the case? Basically what zones
> do I need to leave in to not cut any functionality from the
> mud? They will be left as non-player access as I can make
> them and still have them work. Then original zones will be
> used to customize the mud areas entirely.

Without modification you can copy the files over the
index files and get rid of any files not mentioned therein. Another
method (which I use in my Debian circlemud packages) is to do the
following in autorun:

# Default flags to pass to the MUD server (see admin.txt for a description
# of all flags).
[ "$FLAGS" ] || FLAGS='-q'
[ -r "$LIBDIR/world/mob/index" -a -r "$LIBDIR/world/obj/index" -a \
 -r "$LIBDIR/world/shp/index" -a -r "$LIBDIR/world/wld/index" -a \
 -r "$LIBDIR/world/zon/index" ] || FLAGS="$FLAGS -m"

...(may differ depending on your autorun--mine loads prefs from a
config file, thus the [ "$FLAGS" ] || part). Then if the index files
are missing or unreadable the MUD will automatically run in minimud
mode (-m). Of course it doesn't check for the existence of files, which it probably should. Left as a exercise for
the reader. ;)

This gives me the ability to put just the minimum zones necessary in
the circlemud package and all the rest in a circlemud-world package.
If circlemud-world isn't installed, you get the minimud. Make your
own world, package it, install and you can switch out between
minimud, generimud and ubermud at will. Great for testing and
revision control.

When a zone is complete and tested on my builder port I update my
custom world package in CVS, build and install. dpkg takes care of
stopping and starting the MUD for me. If something goes sour I can
roll back to the previous world revision in a matter of seconds.

I'm currently planning a patch to vanilla that will reduce minimud
to only zone 0 so that everything else can be rotated out (no longer
stuck with keeping Midgard and the God Complex in the base package).
This would simply entail loading players and imms into a loadroom in
zone 0 if their default loadroom is non-existent and adding boards,
post office, et cetera to keep the MUD startable.
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