Re: OasisOLC and CircleMUD

From: John (
Date: 06/28/02

From: "Alex" <fletchra@QSILVER.QUEENSU.CA>

> > So, who is the active maintainer(s) of OasisOLC now?
> I don't think that there is one to be honest.  I might be wrong
> > Also, is Jeremy still a part of CircleMUD or has he gone for good?
> Yup, a busy part mind you, but a part.
> Right now, George is essentially leading the charge, with dak and I
> attempting to hold up the rear. :)

I tried to resist, but I just couldnt!!! Alex, what do you mean you and
dak are attempting
to hold up George's rear? Are you hinting something to George??

Oh god, now I have to find something useful to say in OBCircle.

Umm aaah, ummmm, how's Circlemud going?
Perhaps 3.1 can be done in C++?? Then you can charge C++ authors some
royalty fees for
increasing their sales.

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