Re: [newbie] another error with weapon spells with bpl21

From: Peter d (
Date: 06/29/02

>If you do like I originally had, it was a for(i=num_hits(ch); i; i--)
>loop.  Make sure the call to weapon_spell() is outside the loop.
>Make sure to define hit=FALSE in the definitions, hit=TRUE only in the
>section where ch does hit the victim.
> >what kind of annoying problems would that be? so that i won't be
> >when i get them :)
>The two most annoying to me were:
>1: You can't just delete a spell using just that snippet code.
>    You need to add some code like (It's been a while, so this may be off
>    a li'l bit.):
>      in case OEDIT_WEAPON_SPELLS:
>         if(!(number = atoi(arg)) {
>           OLC_OBJ(d)->wpn_spells[OLC_VAL(d)].spell = 0;
>           OLC_OBJ(d)->wpn_spells[OLC_VAL(d)].percent = 0;
>           OLC_OBJ(d)->wpn_spells[OLC_VAL(d)].level = 0;
>           break;
>         } else { .... rest of code }
>         Now if you enter 0 for the spellnum it'll delete that spell.
>2: It didn't handle 'helpful' spells like cure serious.  It took I think
>2 or 3 supporting functions to handle those nice & neatly.
>3: (Yeah, I know I said 2) if you have ranged combat, it's going to take
>lots and lots of checking, tweaking, and twiddling to fit them in nicely
>with however you implemented it.
> >is it easy to implement the weapon spells into stat and identify?
>piece of cake.
>in stat/ident just check for obj->wpn_spells[0].spell != 0
>then just a quick loop from 0 -> MAX_WPN_SPELLS until spell == 0 again,
>#define wsp obj->wpn_spells[counter]
>         send_to_char(ch, "Casts %s at level %d, %d%% of the time.\r\n",
>                 spell_info[wsp.spell], wsp.level, wsp.percent);
>#undef wsp
>I'm still thinking of finding my last version before I rewrote combat
>altogether (went to speed/initiative based combat, and handling weapon
>spells became a little bit more of a nightmare.)

Well, i seem to have everything i need now for this snippet :)
i'll put it in tomorrow though..
thanx for the help! :)
if i find it impossible to make this work, i'll send in another reply :)

thanx again!

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