Re: [newbie] another error with weapon spells with bpl21

From: Peter d (
Date: 06/30/02

>If you do like I originally had, it was a for(i=num_hits(ch); i; i--)
>loop.  Make sure the call to weapon_spell() is outside the loop.
>Make sure to define hit=FALSE in the definitions, hit=TRUE only in the
>section where ch does hit the victim.

I tried to make the loop, but i think i'm in the wrong function to start
with.. i didn't get any syserrs or errors in compilation, but the loop had
no effect, i know that i'm supposed to work in fight.c, but which function
and how exactly should i put the order..

guide me :)

i'm using the kind of multihit for players that uses apr++ after each attack
skill.. I hope that info helps :)

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