Re: AI implementations

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 06/30/02

On 02-07-01 04.55, "Zach" <mordochbob@ATTBI.COM> wrote:

> I was going through my old code archives recently, and turned up some old
> CircleMUD code.  After looking through it again, it struck me that this could
> be a fairly interesting testbed for intelligent agent behavior.  The stock
> code is fairly simple, however, and to the best of my recollection the largest
> improvement someone has made to it was to graft the "Eliza" chatter bot onto
> some NPC's.  Have there been any significant efforts to have intelligent NPCs
> on a MUD that I'm unaware of, or is anyone in the process of coding something
> interesting?

I cannot give any specific MUD names, since I am not sure, but, there has
been some rather interesting discussions on the Kanga MUD-dev list regarding
AI implementations and such.  I am sure they've got archives, so if you
subscribe there you could surely go through their archives.  Let me know
off-list if you need the address.


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